The Impromptu Braided Headband

Today I decided to try making an impromptu braided headband. This style was created on the fly for demonstration purposes, but it can be smoothed out and made more presentable. This is a fun hairdo to try when you want to pull part of your hair up, but leave most of it down since it keeps the tresses of the face.

Playing around with photo editing software I made it appear as if I was holding a large hollyhock. Here I am wearing an impromptu braided headband, which it two accent braids wrapped around the head and pinned up.
A real view of the braided headband. Here I am pointing to a picture I took of Stripey the cat.
Another view of my quick braided headband, and pointing to a photograph I took of Joshua Tree.

A slideshow of the messy braided headband.

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The video where I created the braided headband.

Trying Haagen-Dazs Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Yesterday I was at Target, so I decided to purchase some of the Haagen-Dazs non-dairy frozen desserts, which is vegan. The flavors I purchased were the coconut caramel and the chocolate truffle.


Both the coconut caramel and chocolate caramel Haagen-Dazs non-dairy frozen desserts were good as stand alone flavors.
The vegan ice cream tasted even more phenomenal when I allowed the chocolate and coconut flavors to melt together.

In the video below I am enjoying a bowl of this Haagen-Dazs vegan ice cream, which is on the sweet side, but a nice treat once and awhile.


Making A Mango Blueberry Smoothie

Today I made a mango blueberry smoothie.

The smoothie is almost lavender in hue.

The smoothie is vegan and consisted of pureeing two mangoes, two bananas, and a half cup of blueberries with about a cup of almond milk. I do not measure out ingredients when I make smoothies, I just throw what sounds good in the blender.

The blueberry smoothie is going on a trip to Joshua Tree. This is just a running theme I have on my blog, pretending my smoothie is going on a vacation. I like to hang my travel photography in my kitchen.

To make the smoothie I first scored two mango and pureed these with a cup of almond milk.

I scored two mangoes to add to the smoothie.

After pureeing the mangoes with the almond milk, I added two bananas and a cup of blueberries for color.

After I blended the smoothie, I poured it in a glass mason jar with a handle.

The video illustrates what the smoothie looked like in a live action format.