Vegan Pasta Dish With Beyond Chicken

I am still plant based, even though I am not always using the vegan label these days. However, if you are looking to make a quick protein-packed pasta dish that is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, then adding some Beyond Chicken strips might hit the spot. For those who do not want to purchase faux meat products, crumbled tofu would also be delicious in this dish.

A plant-based pasta dish with Beyond Chicken strips.
Sauteeing some onions and dried oregano in a bit of olive oil.
Add some roughly chopped fresh tomatoes to the onions to make a sauce. Then throw in the Beyond Chicken strips, and continue to saute all the ingredients in the pan.
I boiled the tricolor pasta in the pan in preparation for my dish.

Sometimes I like to eat pasta, but it is a processed food and spaghetti squash is a savory low carb alternative.

The texture and taste of the Beyond Chicken strips are very reminiscent of chicken, and a viable alternative to those who are trying to eliminate poultry from their diet.

The video illustrates how I made the plant based pasta for dinner.


How Henndigo Works With My Long Hair

This is how my hair looked after applying the henndigo.

I do not like the fumes of traditional hair dyes, and a few years back I decided to stop going to the salon and grow my hair out long again. The only reason I had started going to the hairdresser years ago was because other women kept telling me I would look better with short hair that is always on trend, which I tried for awhile. After that, I tried mid-length hairstyles, but I have never been a high maintenance hair sort of person want to sit in the bathroom doing my makeup and wielding a curling iron/and or blow dryer for an hour. Of course, brushing out and braiding long hair takes time as well, but it is something I enjoy more. In my thirties, I decided I am happiest with long hair, and going the more natural route when it comes to hair styling products. Thus, in the search for fun hair color that did not involve chemicals, I discovered henndigo. Applying henna alone makes my hair a bit more red than I would like, but the indigo helps to keep my hair a darker color that is closer to its natural shade. I simply want some red highlights that shimmer in the sun, so this is a natural way to achieve this.

Henndigo is a messy process to apply, but these are natural herbs, so this is to be expected.

I always purchase organic henna and indigo that is just the pure ground up herbs. You have to be careful when purchasing either of these because some manufacturers call a product henna or indigo hair dye, and it actually has chemical dyes in it. To mix the henna and indigo I add a bit of boiling water and coconuts oil to each, and then mix until I achieve a mud-like consistency. Both the indigo and henna have to cure for a few hours before applying to the hair. What I have been doing lately is first applying the henna for an hour, and then applying the indigo on top of that. Some people mix up both and apply at once, or apply henna first, wash out, and then apply indigo. I find for my hair first applying the henna and letting it sit for an hour, and then apply the indigo for another hour achieves the best results. The henna and indigo process is super messy and left my tub with blue stains I had to scrub out with baking soda. I do not like a mess this process is not for you because even when you go to comb out your hair, there will be particles of indigo that still come out. Also, the henndigo process takes longer than a commercial hair dye, so this is not for people who are impatient. Just apply both and read a book while you sit in the tub allowing the henndigo to do its thing.

The video shows the henndigo hair results in motion.



The Strength In Retreat

There is a lot of strength to be had in retreat. I do not feel empowered telling everyone point blank exactly what I think, and what is the point anyway. Recently I encountered a friend who wanted to know certain things about me and even was inquisitive about a situation that did not make sense to him. But when it came to his own world, he is quite guarded. He did not tell me stuff openly, but I got told I was not blunt enough in my opinions. Whatever that is supposed to mean. However, I guess you do not have to tell people everything, and I believe less is more.  In all interactions where you start to feel unwelcome, there is strength in retreat. No need to put yourself out there when others certainly will not. There is no prize for telling everyone exactly how it is. Sometimes there is power in being more reserved. With all that being said, I am finding I have a renewed respect for people who are transparent from the start and meet you half way on things.