Who Reads What I Write

I actually take interest in what others write, but how often do others take an avid interest in my blog posts? I know that some do, but it seems that there will always be writers that resonate with others, and I am not one who garners a large following. I suppose the one thing I have always enjoyed is that early on in my online writing career there were those who noticed I am a apt conversationalist and listener, and we engaged in a true dialogue ever since. Some of these people I have been talking to for five years, and I find it pretty awesome we have remained in communication for so long. So what I write may not resonate with everyone, but I have ended up having some really deep and real conversations with a few true online friends. I have never met these people in person, but in a way we know each other better than those I have interacted with one a daily basis for years.

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  1. Julie,
    This is exactly how I iike to write. I have tried many journals and have not been willing (I guess) to make regular entries..I have many journal from travels and day to doy life, and often do not even have the year on the entries..LOL
    I am interested in what you say and of course your ART..

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