Making Apple Pie

Making homemade apple pie is an enjoyable pass time, and a great way to use up extra apples that you have picked this fall. Here is how I make a homemade apple pie from scratch.  With tomorrow being Halloween I can guarantee you can make a tastier treat for your family if you decide to bake a homemade pie.  Your taste buds will love it so much more than store bought candy!

First I cut up several different kinds of organic apples.

I chop up the organic apples for my pie, and then set this in the fridge when I make the pie dough.

Since I refrigerate all the ingredients needed for my apple pie, I simply have to mix together 2 1/2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1/2 cup of oil to make my pie dough.  I separate the dough into two balls to make the top and the bottom halves of the pie crust.

Once you form the pie dough into two balls with your hands, then roll out the first ball between two sheets of wax paper.

Carefully position the rolled out dough on the pie pan.

Fill the dough in the pie shell with apples.


I rolled out the second dough ball and placed it on top of the apples. Slits were cut in the top to allow moisture to escape, and the crust was pinched together. The pie was placed in a 425 degree oven to bake for about forty minutes.

Above is a photo of the baked apple pie, which is different from the original photo. I just wanted to include all the photos and videos I created of the last two pies I made.

4 Replies to “Making Apple Pie”

  1. Your pie looks yummy! Do you know, it you don’t trim the edges of the crust until both crusts are on, then trim them together, you can make the fluted edges with your fingers by putting two fingers on one side and push a finger on the other side between them, all around the crust edges.

    1. I have seen people do that, so I will have to try it next time. I am glad to get a real comment for once :). So many spammers always commenting on my blog.

  2. I’m finally ready to make apple pie according to your recipe! I know, it’s been years since I said I planned to. But I have the dough and the apple slices all ready.

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