Feelings About Self-Promotion

Okay, I have nothing against the concept of being a self-promotion guru, but what is the point? Maybe I am just feeling bombarded by living in a society where everything has to be promoted as a brand, but I feel I usually connect with something or someone when I find interest in a person or a subject on a personal level. So my blog does have readers, but it might not have all the readers it could because I do not promote myself the way that self-promoting gurus advocate. However, I think that a lot of the popular blogs out there are read because people can identify with the subject matter, and not because followers bought into a particular brand. Of course perhaps this is some of my liberal bias speaking because I do not think corporations should be considered people, and I do not feel warm and fuzzy when I see an ad for soda.

So above is a picture of me in Southern California going for a walk. I also have a pedestrian blog called The Pedestrian Walking Life, and it is about my adventures walking everywhere and anywhere in Southern California. I have traveled many places on public transport and foot, and I enjoy sharing my observations about that.

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