Aside Stories In A Novel

Some people want lots of  interaction and the main focus to be on the primary characters of a novel, but that is not my favorite kind of story.  I like a story where we learn about the minor characters, that often have an impact on the major characters in our tale.  I like to know what people were like fifty years ago, which might influence they way they act later in the story.  I decided I am going to start writing a few blog posts with behind the scenes stories, which will explain many of the later events in my novel.  I realized people might not understand why Lilliana’s grandmother does not really like her, so I wrote a short story explaining how this is not really personal, but this has a lot to do with her not being the daughter of Sandy Jacobsen.

I want to talk about my novel, and this is the best way I can do it.  At this point I am finally editing on my novel, and it will be published one day.  I want to publish my kind of novel, and it is not being constructed to fit in a certain kind of genre.  Yes, some of my personal experiences have influenced the characters I have created, but that is just the kind of writer I am.  I learned once you wrote out all the things people said and did that might have bothered in the past that you are set free, and you no longer have to ruminate why people slighted you in certain situations.

This was an empowering experience I discovered on the eve of my thirtieth birthday, and it has inspired me ever since.  My story is generally a positive and happy one, but of course my main character has experienced things such as teasing, and not being the most popular girl on the block.  In this story I am writing about those things, and it feels good to do it.  The many little human interactions can really only be told through aside stories in a novel, and a few short vignettes I am posting here on my blog.

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