I No Longer Feel That Way

It is interesting reading old blog posts and hubs, and to discover I no longer feel a certain way. For instance, I used to write a lot about the single girl experience, and how I was tired of people acting like I needed to date. It has been several years since I wrote about my thoughts on this subject, and since I have not been a dater in almost over four years now, I no longer feel a sense of being able to relate to any of those posts. That is something that no longer bothers or perplexes me because I wrote out my feelings at the time, and then arrived at this conclusion. I like being single, and will only ever be in a relationship with a man I know in my daily life. Also, there would need to be a strong and real mutual connection, and he would have to have fidelity and loyalty for me. I have always been a one person kind of woman when it came to relationships, and honestly I have never met a man who felt that way about me. Well maybe a couple did, but then they did not respect other aspects of who I am. Some think being in a relationship is about compromise, but I am not interested in that. I think in a good relationship people want to be together, and enjoy many of the same things, so there is no need for those so called “compromises”. Once I thought it all out and wrote it all up, all the angst went away. I am not deleting those old blog posts or hubs, but I do think it gave me inspiration for my writing. I think there comes a time you no longer feel the need to explore certain topics, and then you move on.

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