Do You Really Need Someone To Help You Shop?

I have wrote a couple of articles about how I do not get Black Friday shopping madness, and I have to admit it is something that just does not ring my bell. I suppose it is just because I have got the point I do not think I need to incur more debt, and I think people put way too much emphasis on having an buying and receiving expensive Christmas gifts.

However, I do understand that there are times when people need to shop, but I have always wondered why people need assistance when it comes to buying certain items. A computer or a piece of furniture might be a certain item that you do need advice when it comes to making a big ticket purchase, but do you really need a sales clerk to provide input on what type of tie or shirt looks best on you.

People are already writing negative reviews regarding Black Friday because the stores where they were shopping were so busy, and a clerk could not stop and provide feedback for purchasing an item that seems rather self-explanatory. Maybe it is just me, but I like shopping for clothes on my own without the input of several other people involved. However, I also remember shopping with friends, and some of their comments could be harsh. Like one friend who suggested I should try on a certain dress, and then declared how she must have fantasized that I had a different body type because she realized I did not weight 100 pounds after trying the dress on.

Anyhow, after said experiences I learned that I enjoy going to the stores on my own, and I do not need someone to advise me when it comes to apparel shopping. I actually like to keep things as simple and possible because traipsing up and down aisles at the store is not really my thing. Actually, purchasing a few cute skirts at the store, and then buying shirts with my own artwork from Zazzle is more the way I like to do things. I actually highly recommend shopping at Zazzle now that they have more clothing items, and today I decided to purchase a t-shirt with a print of my colored pencil drawing of the roses in the watering can. This was so much more fun than waiting in a long line to get some Black Friday deal, and Zazzle always has great shopping specials. I did not even have to wait until Cyber Monday to get the discount on the shirt I ordered.

2 Replies to “Do You Really Need Someone To Help You Shop?”

  1. That looks like a very cool t-shirt. i have always enjoyed your watering can drawing.

    When shopping for clothes for my daughter, though, I do find it helps to have her try them on, because she is still growing, and her measurements are changing. I don’t like to spend much time in the store, so I am the one who limits it to one or two items and we get things done pretty fast. This year, Black Friday was a good time to buy. Almost empty store!

    1. I think things were good in your area. There was some real craziness locally, and nationally. I can understand trying on clothes with your daughter, that makes sense. I guess what does not make sense is why people get upset when a clerk cannot stand by and help them select a tie because the store is busy. Just think that people should plan their shopping trips for less hectic times of the year, if they need that much assistance when shopping.

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