What To Make When You Are Feeling Lazy: French Bread Pizza!

So many people complain they do not have time to make their own pizza dough, and then resort to buying frozen pizzas.  When I was growing up we always made pizza from scratch, but in my early twenties I did revert to the world of buying frozen pizzas.  The thing about frozen pizzas is that these never taste as fresh as a pizza baked at home, and these are usually a little pricey.

If you are feeling lazy, but still want something that tastes a bit more fresh, then opt to make French bread pizza instead.  I have made these French bread pizzas with slices of French bread baked locally at a bakery in the market Jensens.  I do make bread from time to time, but I find some bakeries will just always do a better job of it than I am inclined to most days of the week.  Besides, if you are truly feeling lazy, it is still more economical and fresh to pick up a loaf of French bread, which you can slice into pieces for making French bread pizza.

I made the French bread pizzas by simply slicing up four pieces of French bread, which I placed on a slightly oiled glass plate.  I spread a bit of tomato sauce on each, and then topped these with a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese and olives.  The French bread pizza slices baked in my oven for about twenty minutes at 400 degree Fahrenheit, but you can adjust the temperature if you oven varies.  I think it is really hard to say if 400 degrees works for all ovens, but I know this temperature works very well in mine.

When I took the little French bread pizzas out I realized I had spent about six dollars on the ingredients to make several batches, one serving of French bread pizza in a frozen box  would have cost about the the same.   You ask me which one is the better deal?

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