Surprising Winter Bounty Found In The Container Garden

I have been neglecting the container garden for the last couple of months, except for watering the plants every few days.  However, since I live in Southern California it does get warm enough during the day for my pepper and tomato plants to still make blossoms, but little did I expect a few tomatoes in late December.  The peppers are a little more consistent, but the tomatoes were a nice surprise.



2 Replies to “Surprising Winter Bounty Found In The Container Garden”

  1. That is really something! One of these days, Bow and I need to start gardening indoors. Your example is very inspiring! In the dead of winter, fresh tomatoes and peppers!

    1. I think it is because it has been getting up to the seventies most days here, and we have not had rain, or snow storms in the mountains, since earlier December. This year might be another drought year, but the plus side is I could start working on the container garden a bit more, and plant something else. However, it might start raining in January, but it does not hurt to try. I think you and Bow could at least start out with some herbs, which are really hardy.

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