Reading Guide Part 3 – Theodosia and the Pirates: The War Against Spain

Theodosia and the Pirates Reading Guide Part 3


So far chapter two of the novel Theodosia and the Pirates: The War Against Spain, is my favorite part of the book.  This is a historical novel by Aya Katz, who has written several other novels.

Chapter two takes place on Snake Island, and I like how the story line is evolving now that I have reached this part of the novel. The descriptions are atmospheric, and I can visualize the characters talking about the houses they are going to build, and the oaths they plan to take. Here are some reading questions I asked myself to focus on the text.

1. How does Theodosia come up with the name for her new baby?

2. What is the name of the house that Jean Laffite builds for his family?

3. What role does Jean appoint himself to on Snake Island?

4. Why does Jean want Theodosia to sew him a flag, and what is her reaction this request?

5. What is the issue of “international significance” Theodosia wishes to discuss with Jean, and how does he allay her fears regarding this subject?

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