Theodosia And The Pirates Part 4: A Reading Guide


I just finished reading Chapter 3 of Theodosia and the Pirates: The War Against Spain by Aya Katz, but this is part 4 of the reading guide because there is a preamble. I have taken some time off from reading the novel, and I am now just getting back into it, but you can read part 3 of the reading guide here. Essentially, the reading guide is just a way for me to keep track of my thoughts and feelings regarding the novel. When I do not write down questions about a novel I find it is hard to pick it back up at a later date, but this story was easier to pick up where I left off because the questions I asked myself helped to vividly recall what I read last. I probably would have finished the book much sooner, but I am reading an ecopy of the novel, and it is hard to read for long periods of time while sitting at a laptop. It is an interesting story, but for me I just have a much easier time becoming immersed in a book when I have a copy and I can hold in my hands and take places with me. So in chapter three Snake Island has become known as Galveston to the Americans, and here are some questions I asked my self about the reading. There might be spoilers here, so do not keep reading if you think this might give something away.

1. Why is Jean Laffite angered about what happened to John Andrew Whitman?

2. Why is Theodosia still uneasy with Pere Antonio de Sedella?

3. How does Jean Laffite deal with Pere Antonio at dinner?

4. How does Laffite respond to the letter John Quincy Adam sends?

So do you want to start reading the novel? You can purchase it over on Amazon.

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