Organic Apples On The Tree

Organic apples on the trees.
Organic apples on the trees.

These organic apples growing on my dad’s tree are not perfect, but that is what I love about these. It looks like a bird pecked one, and the apples are different shapes and sizes. However, the apples that grow on these trees taste better than any I ever buy at the store, and I really need to get around to make some raw apples sauce. Lately, I have not been doing enough food prep, but I need to get into the kitchen and start again.

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2 Replies to “Organic Apples On The Tree”

  1. The apples look very good to me! I have recently learned that domesticated apples have more sugar in them than natural apples, and this in itself might account for health problems in modern man. The people defending GMO are giving examples of how much less nutritious natural foods are, and they say we have been changing our food by selective breeding for tens of thousands of years, as if that were a good thing. I am beginning to think this has taken a toll on our health that eating less nutritious food would not have done.

  2. I am not a fan of GMOs. There are some apples that grow wild in the local mountains called crab apples, and these are definitely sourer. The apples growing on my parents’ trees are smaller and less sweet than the ones sold in stores today. Even some of the local orange trees planted hundred years ago are not in favor here in the US because these produce small oranges, so many are exported to China and Japan where these are more valued.

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