Vegan Pasta Dish With Beyond Chicken

I am still plant based, even though I am not always using the vegan label these days. However, if you are looking to make a quick protein-packed pasta dish that is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, then adding some Beyond Chicken strips might hit the spot. For those who do not want to purchase faux meat products, crumbled tofu would also be delicious in this dish.

A plant-based pasta dish with Beyond Chicken strips.
Sauteeing some onions and dried oregano in a bit of olive oil.
Add some roughly chopped fresh tomatoes to the onions to make a sauce. Then throw in the Beyond Chicken strips, and continue to saute all the ingredients in the pan.
I boiled the tricolor pasta in the pan in preparation for my dish.

Sometimes I like to eat pasta, but it is a processed food and spaghetti squash is a savory low carb alternative.

The texture and taste of the Beyond Chicken strips are very reminiscent of chicken, and a viable alternative to those who are trying to eliminate poultry from their diet.

The video illustrates how I made the plant based pasta for dinner.


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