Making Vegan Pasta With Beyond Meat Crumbles

Look at this meaty bowl of pasta.

What if I told you there was no meat in this pasta? Yep, it has Beyond Meat beef crumbles, and is the ingredient I used in this delectable pasta dish. It is so much cheaper to make Italian-inspired dishes at home than going out, and a vegan dish even with faux meat can be under seven dollars for all the ingredients required. This is a simple meal idea for people who want to eat less meat, or who are vegetarian or vegan. Also, how hard is it to boil noodles or sautee some veggies needed to make the dish? For me, cooking is therapeutic, cheaper, tastier, and just fresher than any meal you can eat while dining out.

The dish starts with the Gardein beefless ground. This stuff is tasty on a pasta dish, but a little on the rich side to me since it does have a truly meaty flavor.
For this dish I chopped up the white onion, but you can use whatever type of onions available in the fridge.
I sauteed the faux beef crumbles with tomatoes, dried oregano, and the chopped onions.
I boiled the bowtie noodles in conjunction with simmering the vegan meat topping.

This entire dish took less than thirty minutes to make, and I topped my bowtie noodles with the Gardein crumbles. So you can make an affordable and tasty pasta dish at home in the time it takes to be seated at the Olive Garden and served food.



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