Who Can We Be Facebook Friends With?

As a blogger, I am friends with many people from all walks of life. Today I realized I had to do something that I do not enjoy doing, I made the decision to delete a person that was being too insistent. Sure, I was expressing my opinion about a subject this person did not agree with, but every time I tried to rationalize with her, everything I said was wrong. I even tried to point out to her that I do not go to her page and make comments like this, but she came back “Well that is because I do not post everything that is going on in my life, so that is true, just do not be offended”. I realized after this that this person is just right about everything, and would not yield an inch. It was just easier to delete her because she does not really seem to enjoy my posts anyway. Honestly, I consider myself pretty chill, and I have scaled back on posting a lot of news content.

We just cannot please everyone, and I guess some people just need to be removed from our friend list. So even if you do not post everything going on in your life, you can be accused of this. So if you are a blogger, what are you supposed to share? I am posting less news than usual, but I guess you just cannot make everyone happy. So I decided she would be more content not looking at my page. The funny thing is bloggers share a lot of their thoughts, and that is one of the few reasons I actually like Facebook. So how are we supposed to use Facebook then? Well, sometimes you just have to delete people I guess.

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  1. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with a FB friend, but it sounds as if you made the right decision. I think we should be free to express our true opinions on our own FB page, otherwise what is the point of having such a page?

    So far, I have not had to block anyone or drop any friends, but some of my former FB friends have blocked or dropped me. When that happens, I am not too worried about it, because it probably means we were not meant to be friends.

    I had one person I had known for a really long time who dropped me after I enthusiastically posted the resolution at the Libertarian Convention that “Taxation is Theft.” I posted that because it made me happy, and I wanted to share how hopeful I felt. But she had to come and argue with me about that, and all I did was ask her to tone it down, because I was just being happy, and I didn’t want her to rain on my parade.

    So she dropped me from her friends list. I figure if she could not stand to see me happy about one small thing that happened at the Libertarian Convention, then she was never my friend in the first place. And that was not even personal!

    1. You know my stance on being vegan, it works best for me ethically. This morning I just mused why do we need to worry about a few people attending a bullfight, when as a vegan I do not support chicks being ground up by the egg industry. My feeling was, why do we need to police every ritual in other cultures when there are things in our own countries that are cruel as well. I personally do not even want everyone to go vegetarian or vegan, but I was just making a point about those online petitions, which usually do not make the impact people think these do. I was not going to delete her, but every time I tried to rationalize with her, she told me I was wrong. I even pointed out I do not call her out on things regarding her page, and she said that was because she does not post everything going on in her life. I could share more if I wanted to, and I actually think I share a lot less than some. And why does it matter what we share. I just came to the conclusion she seems to have a problem with some of my content, and since I am wrong and “special” about my views, it might be best for her not to view my page. I rarely delete anyone, but she was not exactly someone who is supportive of me or my writing goals. It kind of goes back to what you were saying yesterday about how we are always encouraged to donate money to charity, and how we are made to think this is love or caring about others. But when it comes down to every day interactions, many of those people who claim to be the do-gooders are not very supportive of others with their time. It feels like people just want to brag about causes they sign petitions for, or money they donate.

  2. I totally agree with you. A lot of those petitions are not in order to help anyone but to signal how virtuous people think they are, without actually doing anything about it. Your personal stance on veganism makes a lot more sense to me. And that’s without necessarily needing to do the same. I honor your right to make decisions for yourself.

    1. Yeah, I do not want everyone to be vegan, just like I do not want everyone to stop bull fighting because what happens when we start micromanaging the behavior of everyone to minute levels. Of course, that is already happening, like the fifth-grade girl that got suspended from school because not all the kool aid washed out of her hair, and some red color was still showing.

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