Tales of The South Pacific Inspired Outfit

I have been thinking about literature regarding World War II in the Pacific as of late working on the family tree and thinking about my grandpa serving in the there, so I decided to showcase this Tales of the South Pacific inspired ensemble. My favorite James Michener novel happens to be this one filled with short stories that hold a great amount of truth, even to this day. These stories were not all about war, but also what happens to people when they fall in love with the wrong person, and the loneliness of being from isolated from family and friends. Or what if you have family members that are jealous when you find true love.

It was not intentional to post a dress with this theme, but after I purchased the dress on discount from Target, my friend mentioned it looked like a World War II era dress. I think the sleeves and top half of the dress certainly do, but it is a little short in the back. I am going to wear it with shorts underneath for this reason, but with the hat, this look all seemed to come together.

My campy Tales To The South Pacific “salute the troops” pose.

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I used a tripod to take photos of myself wearing the 1940s inspired dress with the sunhat, which is a new favorite piece.


2 Replies to “Tales of The South Pacific Inspired Outfit”

  1. I like the dress and it certainly does make for a South Pacific type outfit.

    I noticed they have been selling floral shirts at WalMart with the same small poofy sleevelets. It must be coming into fashion again.

    1. I think it is coming back into fashion, but I just wish the dress was longer. I tried wearing it over a pencil skirt, but it looked funny. Perhaps I would have to buy a retro dress in this style to get the looking I desire.

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