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    1. If you ever by chance happen to get a tablet, you can download Instagram on both android and apple devices. I know you are not really in the market for one, but I think it is good to know.

      1. I don’t really need a tablet for myself, but I have been wondering about using one for Bow. I would like to use educational software to prove how Bow can read. Do you have any recommendations? I mean both for tablets and software that would be easy for Bow to use.

        1. Irina likes watching videos on the Nextbook, which is the system I got. It operates on Android, and is only about 139 dollars at Walmart. I wish I had paid a bit more to get a fully functional laptop with a touch screen because the tablet does not have as much as memory as a laptop, and sometimes crashes if you try to open two screens at once. However, it seems to work okay if all you want to do is watch videos, but I think in your case a touch screen laptop would be more robust for educational software.

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