I Have No Interest In Tattoos

Anytime you mention you have no interest in tattoos, it seems now this is considered judgemental of people who are tatted. At one time tattoos were a niche thing, but now these are quite mainstream, and once again tattoo artists are DMing me and commenting on my pictures over on Instagram. I understand people need to promote themselves, but can they at least pretend to have more interest in my photos than just saying nice shot wink, wink. This is usually followed up with a DM with directions to their tattoo studio. Once I told a tattoo artist I was not interested and why did he just assume people were, and he acted like I was an alien to say that to him. Also, if you ever write a post about not wanting to get tattoos, people will act

Also, if you ever write a post about not wanting to get tattoos, people will act like it is personal. Years ago I wrote on Hubpages how I would never get a tattoo because I have no interest, and one of the responses in the comment section was from a woman who said because she was a writer she needed to experience things like tattoos, skydiving, and riding a motorbike to have interesting things to write about. Since when did other activities become less interesting to recount? I know many very fascinating writers who discuss a myriad of topics.  Sometimes I feel like one of the few people my age who has no interest in getting tattoos, but this depends on your perspective. Sometimes when everyone starts doing something, like getting tattoos, is it any longer a unique thing. Getting a tattoo used to be considered sort of a rebel thing to do, but now people are getting Christian faith tattoos and unicorn tattoos, so this trend has gone pretty mainstream. I am happy for people who love the art of tattoos, and some are truly beautiful, but this is one art form that is just not for me. At the end of the day, you have to just do what makes you happy. I know this trend is not something that would make me happy, and I hope others can understand that when someone says they have no interest in something they like, it is not a personal affront to you.

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  1. I have no interest in tattoos, either. Or in piercings. But the young do. To me, both tattoos and piercings are symbols of slavery, as often people who are enslaved are subjected to markings to identify them and who they belong to.

    1. That is an interesting observation. A lot of people around my age seem into tattoos, and it seems to have gone mainstream. But it is just not for me. I wonder why those who want these act shocked when some do not.

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