Know Your Own Narrative

The more you think about it, you have to know your own narrative. What do your know to be true? Some things are true, and some things are gray. Sometimes the truth is in the eye of the beholder.  Before I was always so reserved about stating my opinion about anything, but then a decade ago I started posting on forums and blogs sharing my opinion, but I have come to realize some of that was influenced by larger dynamics. It is okay to change your opinion, and as my teachers always said, you should question things and not just go along with what you are told. In other words, write your own narrative. Even if you are hearing everywhere that this is the way things are supposed to be, perhaps that is just people going along with what some influencers want.

So what is my own narrative? I am a pacifist who prefers peace, but who knows that is not possible for all. I am mediator type who now just wants to find common ground with people rather than jump to a conclusion or call people names. In the last two years, my inquisitive mind has been on overdrive, and I am learning to listen to others more. I have always been someone people feel comfortable confiding in, but this can span to other topics, even contentious ones. Everyone thinks they are right about certain issues, but nothing is absolutist. I am going to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume there are good people in the world until someone shows me otherwise. Yes, there is a lot of bad stuff as well, but how will we find the positive when we are always mired in what is not working? Can there be a better solution for things? There could be, but when people say it is one way or the other, I am usually just opting not to get involved. Or, I am looking to the people who have solutions and are inclusive of others.

This is when I have decided I know my own narrative and will speak my own mind about things where I feel comfortable. I will just work on my little art projects and be a little vegan hippie type. My parents started out that way they first moved to California, so perhaps it was always encoded in me. Being a pioneer of sorts, finding my own way in life, and just doing things a bit differently. That is what works for me. I guess everyone is seeking out what works for them. Peace comes in knowing it okay to speak your mind at times, and not fall in with any certain group. I can be friends with many types of people, and I also just enjoy solitary time alone thinking and working on things. People are very multifaceted, just like the water shimmering on the lake at noon.


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  1. Yes, knowing your own narrative is best. I, like you, realize there are different lifestyles and values for different people. I am not vegan, but I can be friends with vegans. I am not a pacifist, but there is room in life for pacifists. The best thing about my outlook is that I don’t want to force others to adopt my lifestyle. All I ask is that they not tell me what to do, either.

    1. The thing is the people who always claimed to be open minded and accepting seem to think if you do not live a certain way, then you cannot be a compassionate person. But perhaps I am too sensitive about that. I think it is best not too assume someone has bad intentions unless they do something truly horrific. I am not going to just follow one group’s goals, and be true to my own narrative. I respect others to live as they wish.

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