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  1. You have beautiful hair! My hair tends to tangle easily and is very curly. If I braided it wet, I would not be able to undo the braid that easily once it dried. But it works great and looks great on you!

    1. Thanks, Aya. Sorry I did not see this comment earlier. I think my hair has a slight wave to it, so braiding it does not tangle it easily. I also have used coconut oil in my hair, and I feel this has made it softer and easier to untangle over the years. I am not sure if that would work for curly hair, but I have heard it does for some people.

      1. I have bought some coconut oil to use for our teeth instead of toothpaste. It seems to remain solid at room temperature and becomes liquid only when I warm it up. How do you apply coconut oil to your hair? Do you boil it first? If you can, please vlog about that.

        1. I just scoop out a tiny bit of the coconut oil and warm it up in my hands and then rub it through my hair because I find a little goes along way. It is interesting you mention using coconut oil for toothpaste, I have heard about people doing that. I noticed every since I purchased the waterpik the amount of time I need to brush has gone down. I waterpik before I brush my teeth, which gets most of the food out. I also noticed I use less toothpaste, but maybe I should try this coconut oil thing. This is a great idea for a vlog, about how I use coconut oil in my hair. I will try this. I was wondering: does Bow brush his teeth?

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