A Vegan Woman Who Likes To Wear Skirts Most Days

Even before I became vegan, I always liked to wear skirts most days.  Now that I am vegan I noticed a lot of the bigger vegan YouTubers talk about how the wear active wear so they can run or bike, but I do not feel like I have to wear those things to live a vigorous lifestyle. For instance, I have been riding a bike for almost four years now for transportation purposes, and I always wear skirts when I bike. I simply wear short underneath if I feel like my skirt my flip up. Also, I feel like a skirt gives me more movement, and since I tend to wear these with flat canvas shoes, I feel a bit sporty, but in my own way.

Sometimes I like to dress retro, and often I like to wear lacy tops or dresses. I will never give up my sense of style just because I am a vegan. In mainstream society some women used to get upset I did not want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, so when vegan women about how they like to wear more sporty attire, I do not feel like I have to. I will always dress the way that makes me feel best for me. It is all about finding your own sense of fashion, and I have always embraced this.


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    1. Thanks, it took me awhile to do that with YouTube video editor as I can no longer find Microsoft Move maker, and the free video I was using stopped working.

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