Reclaiming Your Own Narrative

Last week I wrote a short post about writing your own narrative, but today I am musing about reclaiming your own narrative. Often, society tells us how we should think and feel. I know it is good to study about a variety of subjects, but I also believe sometimes the best knowledge will be acquired on your own. The way I progressed in school was by reading and thinking on my own without prompting, and when I really wanted to learn something, it was because I pushed myself to do so. Often I would become excited about a certain new subject, but if I shared my enthusiasm with others, sometimes they would want to smother it a bit. This might not have been intentional, but it has made me realize over the years if I truly enjoy something, I will not tell just anyone.

I think one place to share what you really enjoy learning more about and doing is on a blog. Facebook is probably not the best place for it, and how many people actually click through and read my posts here? Part of reclaiming my narrative is just wanting to focus on the positive stuff in life. I really believe if we put good intentions and energy into things we will get better results. For instance, if you just told yourself negative things all day, how would this impact your outlook? So yes I want to focus on the positive. Now I am getting back into focusing on my own form of veganism and finding happiness in nature, art, and fashion. I also enjoy reading books that capture my interest at the moment and relish the concept of being alone with my own thoughts a bit more.

I have been talking with a close friend a lot, but it is different than when you interact with some people on social media. A few actually want you to be happy and pursue what you enjoy, but it seems like sometimes all that is talked about is what is trending. I am kind of tired of that, at the moment. Maybe someday I will have more interest in it again, but I just do not see that happening. I like this new direction for me, and it is a bit quieter as well.


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  1. Yes, Facebook is probably not the place for deep learning. I think a blog might be a better place for it, though when it comes to more scholarly things, like linguistics discoveries, I am not sure if even a blog is the right venue.

    I have some thoughts about academic topics I would like to share, but short of submitting them to academic journals, I am not sure what to do with them.

  2. I think more scholarly things could be discussed on a blog, actually. Some online courses use blogs and social media for students and professors to communicate. Also, a person like you who writes about linguistics can probably share insights on a blog, which opens up a topic for people who are not usually interested in exploring a subject in depth. Facebook does not have to be serious all the time, but it is funny that people have such misunderstandings on it that probably do not happen in real life conversation. Then again, I think if you are talking to an open minded person that online communication should not throw up that many road blocks. I just feel like when it comes to Facebook I no longer feel absolutely free to share exactly how I think on certain issues because of the reception, but perhaps some of the reactions are just my own reaction to things. If people want to be in a dither about things, there will always be something to get riled up about. I am not saying the road is all sunshine and rainbows, but I do think focusing on the positive and what we can do better helps me to achieve my goals. Perhaps my goals are more minimalistic. I am not sure I would ever live in a tiny house, but I admire people who have the ingenuity to built these and cut down their living expenses. I think if you still want to be self-sufficient there are ways to do it, but right now it just seems like that is not promoted. But then again I have to reframe that and just say I am going to be as self-sufficient as I can be, and this starts with limiting what I share about opinions on Facebook. I will share a few here when the mood strikes, but if it is about something trending, I feel less inclined to do so. It just feels like I have been there and done that.

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