I Just Will Never Like Air Conditioning

I would rather take a walk in the summer heat than be stuck in a frigid air conditioned building.

People just do not get it if you say this. Most people dread venturing out in the Southern California heat, but I crave it after being in an overly air conditioned building. Being cold in the summer does not feel good to me, and I need to take many little walks in the heat to warm up. If it were up to me, I would probably just never run the air conditioner and have a fan going with the window open. I just will never be a fan of air conditioning, and no longer feel like I have to explain myself to the majority who love it. My coffee consumption goes up in air conditioned buildings just so I can feel toasty. I dread wearing a sweater in the summer time, and I feel like this very air conditioning based world of today makes it impossible to go without one.

2 Replies to “I Just Will Never Like Air Conditioning”

  1. I understand how you feel. I need air conditioning not so much for the low temperature but for the way it lowers humidity and makes the air drier and easier to breathe. But if it is a dry heat, it might be different.

    1. I do live in a place with dry heat, but I guess my issues with air conditioning is the persistent cold air that filters out, and the sound it makes. I have learned to accept air conditioning is possible, but it actually makes me want to go outside more when everyone else wants to hide outdoors due to the heat. Honestly, high temperatures have never bothered me, and I remember when we went on a camping trip to Death Valley in the summer years ago. I doubt my dad would go there in August today.

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