Braiding Long Hair

I like to create a simple braided hairstyle many days of the week.

I felt like after yesterday I might not do any more long hair videos for awhile, but I just decided I wanted to do more of the kinds I like. In today’s video, I demonstrate how I create a simple ponytail braid. I have been washing my hair only two or three times a week, and I find that ponytails hold better the second day after washing. I am also interested some of the talk around the web about how some people only wash their hair with conditioner, which I might try, but I think I will still always want to use shampoo. Pro-conditioner people swear their hair is far more manageable only washing with this toiletries.

Here is a slideshow illustrating the completed braid. This day I wore a black sweater and a pencil skirt along with the plait.

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2 Replies to “Braiding Long Hair”

  1. I always enjoy watching you braid your hair. You have such long, beautiful, manageable hair!

    I sometimes use only conditioner when I wash my hair, but not always. Shampooing too often can strip hair of moisture — meaning: natural oils. Conditioner adds fat and oil to our hair. The role of fat in the health of every part of our body cannot be overestimated. It is too bad that “fatty” and “oily” are words that have acquired such a bad connotation in Modern English. People do not want to have oily skin or hair. But without the fat and the oils, the skin and hair are less healthy.

    In ancient Semitic culture, names like Samantha were derived from a root meaning “fat’ or “oil”, and everybody knew that meant beautiful and healthy and desirable.

    1. I think this might be another way that some of the old ways are better for our hair than the modern stuff. Of course, most of us use shampoo, but I was just reading today that in India women washed their hair with soapnuts, and then used oil to moisturize it.

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