How To Get Long Wavy Hair

The first step to getting long wavy hair is to grow your hair long, but if your tresses are already near waist length, then this idea might work for you. Rather than using a heat tool to create waves, I simply braid my hair after getting out of the shower and then keep it in all day and night. The next morning I take out the braid, apply a bit of Yves Rocher Monoi oil, and then brush out my hair. This is my favorite low maintenance way to achieve waves in my flowing tresses.

Creating a long wavy hair style by wearing my hair in a braid for twenty-four hours.

So if you have never worn your hair in a braid overnight, why not try it out to see how this works.

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The video illustrates how to create a long wavy hairdo with a braid.

2 Replies to “How To Get Long Wavy Hair”

  1. You have amazing hair! I can’t grow mine that long. However, I don’t need to braid to make it wavy. All I have to do is wash it without styling and it develops curls that look a little like a perm.

    By the way, I love the roses in that vase!

    1. I like naturally wavy and curly hair, so I think it is cool your hair does that on its own. I know straightening hair is so popular among some, but I always thought curly and wavy hair was pretty. The roses are from Michael’s and Jo’ann’s, so fabric roses. I think these are just as pretty, and I have had these for about nine years.

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