Organic Garden Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes from my mom’s garden.
The vascular structure of a homegrown tomato is mesmerizing.

Organic tomatoes are alluring in the whole form, and when sliced up. These taste even better than the fruit appears.

Three slices of delicious organic tomatoes.

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Garden tomatoes give better flavor to any vegan sandwich.

4 Replies to “Organic Garden Tomatoes”

  1. I never heard of tomatoes with sugar, was it supposed to be a dessert? I always ate tomatoes on sandwiches, but I feel like the ones at the store are always disappointing after having really good ones my parents grow. There is something to be said about home grown vegetables.

    1. It was my mother’s way of trying to get me to eat vegetables. She mashed them and added sugar. But this backfired. It took me years before I would try tomatoes again.

      1. I thought maybe it was a type of dessert. To me, tomatoes have always been savory, so I think adding sugar would not taste so good.

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