The Bubble Braid

Today I decided to try making my own version of the bubble braid. This is a front view of the braid.

This braid is not an actual braid, but elastic hair bands are used to create “bubbles” in the hair where the individual pumps of the plaits usually would be. The bubbles can be more accentuated, but I just decided to make this style quickly and for fun. I used multicolored hair ties to make the braid pop in my dark hair.

The backside of the bubble braid.


The bubble braid is almost as long as my arm.

The video illustrates how I create my own version of the bubble braid with a simple low ponytail. I like creating long hair videos illustrating how I do it, and I simply use coconut oil for smoothing and styling my hair.


A slideshow of the other photographs I took of the bubble braid.

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2 Replies to “The Bubble Braid”

  1. That is a nice hair style, and I think it is easier than braiding. Small school aged girls will probably enjoy styling their own hair this way, because of the ease of doing it, as well as how nice it looks. The multi-colored hair ties really make it pop out!

    1. One of my followers requested that I try this hairstyle. It is fun and easy, for sure. I am not sure I would wear my hair like this out, but it was fun to try around the house. I think for younger people this style would definitely work.

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