Issues With Amazon Reviews

Back in 2012 I read and wrote a review about part one of the novel Our Lady of Kaifeng by Aya Katz. There were no issues with this review, but three years later I was searching for this book to read new reviews, and I noticed a pirated copy of Our Lady of Kaifeng. This illicit copy of the book claimed to be written in 1900 with a price of around two hundred dollars. Since this novel takes place in China at the onset of World War II, and the author was not born yet, anyone who is at all Google savvy would figure out this listing was definitely a scam. I alerted Amazon to this pirated copy of the book being sold without permission of the author and wrote a review warning others about it. I assume most people would know this was a bogus seller, but I did not want this copy to take sales away from the original author.

Today I discovered the pirated copy was no longer listed on Amazon, but then my review from this copy was now listed on the actual Our Lady of Kaifeng review page. This presented a conundrum since now my original review and the one about the pirated copy were now posted together on the same page, which had to be confusing to people looking at this book. I logged into my Amazon account to delete the review about the pirated book, but the system deleted my original 2012 review instead. I had to go back to find what I had originally written to restore my review, which was a lot of extra work. Luckily I had time to do this, but most people are not going to want to delete old reviews or fix issues like this. I think Amazon should delete reviews on pirated copies of books rather than just move this over to the actual author’s book. This is just a heads up for anyone who has ever written a review about a pirated book on Amazon. I definitely will not be doing this again.

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