Create Palm Tree Art

A small palm tree.

Create framed palm tree art for your home by taking pictures of palm trees on a walk. People who live in Southern California can do these easily, and these are the only items needed for this project:

*a digital camera
*photo paper
* a colored printer
* a picture frame
* a wall hanger for the picture frame

Framed palm tree photograph.

The picture frame used for this project was purchased for two dollars at the second-hand store, but a new frame of this quality would cost around ten or so dollars at a regular store. So when creating art for your home, just keep in mind this can be budget friendly when creativity and a digital camera are involved. The photographs below give an explanation about how a favorite composition was selected for the framed palm tree print.

This small fan palm tree is adorable and would make a wonderful photograph to print out. The small palm trees have an ornamental look, and often these are cuter than large palms.

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  1. That looks like a very doable project. I like to print out photos and frame them. I printed out some for my daughter to use in her dorm.
    I just wonder how long photo paper will last before it fades. Do you know?

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