What Happens If You Microwave A Beast Burger?


The Beast Burger is a vegan burger made by the company Beyond Meat, and on the packaging states that pan frying or grilling is the most desirable method for cooking. Unfortunately, I was using the stove top to dry some pans on a towel, and I was excited to try the beast burger right then. Since it does not have meat in it I know it would cook just fine in the microwave, although I knew going in that it would not be crispy like when it is fried on the grill. So as an experiment I put the Beast Burger in the microwave for three minutes and came back to see the results.

A large amount of plant-based fat came out of the Beast Burger.

The burger tasted okay, but was a little pricey since I purchased the package of two for almost six dollars at Sprouts.

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  1. The beast burger sounds interesting. I wonder what it is made of. For a vegan food product, it seems strange to name it after a beast, because that is just a word for “animal” borrowed into English from the French word bête.

    I am not vegetarian, much less vegan, but I do not have meat or animal products in every meal. Sometimes I like to take a short break from meat. There are plenty of good sources of fat and protein in the plant world, too. But I am not sure why it is necessary to disguise these perfectly good foods to make them seem like animal flesh.

    Maybe you could look at the ingredients of this product and find how to make a less expensive version at home.

  2. Your points are all very valid, Aya. I only bought this burger to review out of curiosity, but I would never spend this much money again. I guess this burger is geared towards people who still want to eat meat, but maybe just not all the time. So they probably would not like a veggie burger or a bean burger and might like this more. It has pea protein in it, and I could just make black bean burgers if I wanted too, which is more affordable.

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