Why I Never Will Publish The Novel I Wrote

Once upon a time, I thought publishing a novel would be the utmost form of creative expression, so I wrote a rough draft. I ended up not caring for it much, and people who read parts of it cared for it even less. Some of the thoughts the characters had in this novel pertain to thoughts I had at a certain time, but I realize I no longer feel that way about certain things anymore. I am still the same person, but some of my opinions have changed about things.

Also, I realized if you write a novel you either have to find an agent or look for a press that wants to publish it. Most of the promotion work is up to you, and there is no guarantee it will be a success. So I think it is wonderful to publish a novel if you really believe in the story you have written, but I just am no longer compelled to bring this story to the public eye. I feel I can express myself with this blog, and it is much more instantaneous than having to labor years over something that might not pan out. If I want to invest in a longer-term creative pursuit, art projects can do that for me.

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  1. I understand how you feel. Although I have written and published a few novels that I care deeply about, I do not feel like writing another novel right now, and I may not ever do that again. Unless you feel very strongly about the story and are compelled by an inner drive, there is really no point. I am going to continue to promote the works I have published and to blog about the things I care about, but there is nothing to be gained by forcing a novel into existence against one’s better judgment. Painting is much more relaxing!
    I like reading you blog posts and seeing your artwork.

    1. You strongly believed in the stories you wrote, so I think these were important to publish. I just do not feel that way about the story I wrote, so I will leave it alone, perhaps forever.

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