The Blueberry Banana Coconut Milk And Chocolate Smoothie


I made a blueberry banana coconut milk and chocolate smoothie two weeks ago, so I am finally sharing it here.

I pureed together bananas, some frozen blueberries, coconut milk, organic chocolate powder, and some peanut butter to make this smoothie. I loved the bubbles the blender creates in this smoothie.
The purple-hued smoothie looks vibrant next to my October cursive drawing I created with an orange oil pastel background.

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    1. I bought this pack from the Dollar Tree back in July, and the blueberries still were tasty in late October when I made the smoothie. I have frozen organic apples off my mom’s tree for up to a year, and even though people do not like the oxidated color of the apples, these still taste fresh to me. Honestly, I would rather buy frozen blueberries because these tend to be higher quality, and frozen right after being picked fresh. The blueberries sold fresh at the store are often quite pricey when sold by the pound, and some always tend to be moldy, even when I try to use these right away. Berries are really a good value when purchased frozen.

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