Talking Less About Certain Things

I used to enjoy conversation about all topics that interested me, but lately, I feel like sometimes I want to talk less about certain subjects. I told a friend about something that excited me, and the friend wondered why I would even be interested in this. It made me realize I should have kept the excitement about this topic to myself. I value this friend’s opinions, but I knew they would not be interested in how I felt about something. The revelation about this was I am beginning to realize that things that pique me do not always have to be shared with those who might not agree or understand why I am interested in a certain topic. In the age where we have to put everything on social media blast, I am going to remind myself to not always mention things that are on my mind. I can have a diary and tell it about what I am thinking. If you feel at all hesitant about sharing something, go with your intuition. It is probably best to just write about it in your diary and not tell the world about everything on your mind.

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  1. I understand how you feel. Not everything can be shared with every one of our friends and family members. Also, some things are better left unsaid. But I would not feel that I have to hide all my interests from people who are not interested in those things. I have many areas of interest. My linguist friends may not be interested in literature and so will not read my novels. My primatologist friends may not be interested in musicals, so they will not listen to demos from The Debt Collector. My historian friends may not share my libertarian politics. My libertarian friends may not enjoy the outdoors, so they will not be interested in my nature videos and articles. It is all okay. But there is no need to disparage another person for interests that are not shared. We can’t all be interested in the same things.

    It’s true that while a diary and a blog have a lot of things in common, there are some things best left unsaid on a blog that we can freely write in our diary. Those things are usually the very, very personal moments. But I would not be afraid to share a general interest with a friend, even if it turns out not to be a shared interest. There are polite ways that friends can tell us that they are not into something without it reflecting badly on us that we _are_ interested.

    1. I love blogging, I just find sometimes I cannot be completely uninhibited when it comes to certain interests. In general, I prefer posting about certain general interest things on my blog, but some topics such as genealogy are not always shared adamantly with friends. I might discuss it briefly, but I will be careful again before revealing how excited I am about this topic.

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