The Christmas Ribbon Braid

Christmas theme fashion can be quite affordable if you are on a budget, or just do not see the point of purchasing expensive accessories for only one season. Today I decided to create a Christmas ribbon braid with some ribbons I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

The Christmas ribbon braid is a bit on the fun side, but this can be made more subdued as well.


I created this Christmas ribbon braid by braiding three sections of hair and then making one larger braid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The video shows the creation of the Christmas tree braid from start to finish.


4 Replies to “The Christmas Ribbon Braid”

  1. I like the feeling of holiday festivity that the Christmas ribbon braid creates. I enjoyed the photos and the slideshow, but I didn’t see a video about how to create this hairstyle. I wonder if it was there, but just did not load for me. That sometimes happens when my internet is slow.

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