Why It Is Okay To Read More Obscure Books

Everyone wants to be in the loop about the latest and most popular show, book, or political/celebrity gossip. Honestly, in the current environment, I just do not find it nurturing. I know many will disagree with me on this, but I would rather give my time to things where I can feel inspired, truly entertained, and actually learn something new and interesting. I do not hate television for instance, but no longer having television reception actually cuts me off from having to watch a certain show, or watch a certain news program. I still read a few articles, but when I have free time, I would rather work on my blog.

Also, I have been indulging in reading more obscure novels and books again. I do not want to criticize what others read, but often I do not feel compelled to read the best seller. Just because the book is on the best-seller list usually does not mean I will enjoy the volume. Actually, most of the fiction that really captures my heart is about stories revolving around families and how they bond with each other.  Such tales transcend cultures and time, but I do have a keen interest immigrant fiction. Perhaps this goes back to the stories my grandpa told me about how his family immigrated to America. Here are a few stories about immigrant fiction that have caught my interest over the years. In my opinion, these tales are just more fascinating than fantasy genre because even though these stories are fictionalized, one can often glean many of the characters are based on the authors’ own life experiences.


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