Long Wavy Hair And The Sparkly Black Skirt


The other day I decided to wear my sparkly black skirt that I purchased recently at Target with a white lace top I have had for a few years. This white lace top goes well with so many pieces in my wardrobe, and I need to find another similar one before I wear this one out. I created this wavy hair look by taking out my long braid after having it in for several hours.

The back view of long wavy hair and the black sparkly skirt.

Here is a slideshow of the photographs the sparkly skirt.

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This is a video showing my long hair with the sparkly skirt.


2 Replies to “Long Wavy Hair And The Sparkly Black Skirt”

  1. That is a very attractive outfit. I especially like that skirt! It seems translucent, and yet opaque and with dots at the bottom of one of the layers. You should definitely get another one for a spare. It’s so pretty! I love your long hair in waves, too.

    1. I really like this skirt, but I am not sure I will wear it often because even though it is pretty, I kept worrying it might rip when I was wearing it working. I think it should only be worn on days when you are not very active.

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