How To Make Your #2017BestNine On Instagram

I have an Android phone with limited space for new apps, so I decided to search via Google for another way to make my #2017bestofnine photo for the hashtag by this name. These type of Instagram posts are always a bit of fun for me, so I had to play along. I searched for how to make a photo with this hashtag, which took me to the website

Once you get to this URL, type in your Instagram handle, and it will take a couple of minutes to generate the top nine most liked post from 2017. Below is mine.


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4 Replies to “How To Make Your #2017BestNine On Instagram”

  1. That is a neat trick. I will see if it will work for me. I am just afraid it may not show the pics that advertise my books, as people tend to skip over those. There is so much pressure to use social media to socialize, and people don’t seem to understand when we want to use it to promote our products.

    1. What you could do is start posting more than nine photographs on the Vacuum County Instagram account that is not active as of yet, I checked and it has no photos posted. The hashtag #2017bestnine will be relevant until January 1, so you would have until then to make a photo like this for this account. I am imagining everything you post there would be related to your books, so this should take care of the issue.

  2. I haven’t yet learned how to post to the Vacuum County instagram account, I am afraid. I thought that Facebook was going to automatically post my Vacuum County pics there from the Vacuum County FB page, but that has not happened.

    1. I think you have to perhaps do it manually, I find that works best for me. You can log out of your main Instagram account, and then log into the Vacuum County one to start posting photos.

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