YouTube Is Demonetizing Smaller Channels, So I Am Uploading More To Daily Motion

Since YouTube has decided to demonetize channels that have less than 1,000 subscribers and fewer than 4,000 hours over the last year, so  I am now going to start uploading more videos to Daily Motion. I have enjoyed uploading to YouTube, but they seem to want to penalize smaller channels just because we are not earning six-figure incomes on the network. So if you want to see some of my new content over on Daily Motion, here is my latest video on how I created a vegan pumpkin pie.

2 Replies to “YouTube Is Demonetizing Smaller Channels, So I Am Uploading More To Daily Motion”

  1. Hi, Julia. I am also faced with this problem and am exploring the possibility of moving videos to Youku and also hosting videos on my own site.

    It is a real shame that over and over again the powers that be seem to want all those who are not major earners to lose what small earnings they have.

    1. I feel they are making arbitrary numbers just to placate the six-figure earners who made a stink just because their earnings dropped. These earners also get major advertisers backing them, so they should not have been so upset a few of us earned a bit there. However, I guess it is just time to move on because YouTube does not really seem to care.

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