Being Myself On YouTube, While I Also Upload On Daily Motion

My favorite woodburned piece, which I created in January of 2007. I drew the bird directly on the wood, then used the pyrography tool to etch it into the surface. After this, I painted the illustration with oil paint. Once the paint dried, I went back in and touched up the areas I had messed up with the pyrography tool.

I enjoy creating art and nature videos for YouTube, even if these will not surpass the numbers needed to remain in the #YouTubePartnerProgram, which is trending on Twitter at the moment. By the way, I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to earn money for our creative efforts, especially since the larger channels will continue to do so. YouTube will continue to earn money from anyone watching videos there, so there is nothing wrong with wanting a piece of the action, too.  People keep saying it should not be about the money, but I think that is easier to say when you are in a place where you have nothing to lose from a certain situation. These people are meanwhile suggesting we join certain affiliate programs, or learn how to market more conducive to a specific target audience. I just will never be interested in doing that, and I want to be the authentic me when it comes to what I post, so I guess I will just have to do what feels right, and that is my course.

I enjoy and believe in the few art videos I create, even if these will no longer be monetized over on YouTube. I pour my heart into these, and I am sharing my creative journey as an artist and blogger. Someone today confirmed what I thought about how I should continue to upload on YouTube while I am also uploading on Daily Motion. Now I am dedicated to just being myself and having a bit of fun on YouTube again, but also enriching my Daily Motion channel. However, I think there is no shame in admitting I would like to make some money with my creative efforts while doing it our own way.



2 Replies to “Being Myself On YouTube, While I Also Upload On Daily Motion”

  1. There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to earn money from what we do. The fact that we enjoy doing what we do is no reason to give up on earning money from it. I am very disappointed in YouTube for changing the requirements, and I think it is especially telling when we get enough views and minutes watched to satisfy them, but they also want us to get a thousand subscribers. What is the significance of the subscribers?

    Lots of people watch, but do not subscribe. It does not cost anything to subscribe, so it cannot be bringing YouTube revenue when someone subscribes. What are they really up to? Do they want the people who watch our channels to out themselves? Is it about their identity?

    1. My videos are continuing to earn money, so I think this arbitrary rule they made is just that. I think maybe you are right, they are just doing some data collection by pushing for more subscribers. Maybe you can investigate and find out more. This YouTube change is certainly not popular, and I would like to see Daily Motion up their game so they could be a true competitor for YouTube.

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