5 Replies to “There Was An Earthquake”

  1. I missed this blog post when it happened. I am glad the earthquake was not a big one. I was in Taiwan with my baby daughter and mother when a really big earthquake happened.

    Were you really dreaming about your YouTube channel when the earthquake woke you? I have been trying to improve my YouTube subscriptions, too, but I don’t think I have ever dreamed about that.

  2. I sometimes dream about things on my mind. I was having a dream about how my subscribers kept going down to zero. I have given up trying to reach a thousand before the cut-off date. But even if YouTube is no longer monetized for me, I do think I can still use it effectively on my blog.

    1. I understand how you might dream that. I feel as if I may have been alienating my most loyal viewers by pushing for subscriptions. My subscriptions are up — though nowhere need a thousand — but my views are down.

      For me the loss of YouTube income will be felt. I stopped having income from HP after Panda, and I was taken out of the Amazon associate program after Missouri decided to tax nexus. So YouTube was the last thing I had, besides book sales.

      1. I wish they would not keep taking away the opportunity for independent contractors to earn an income. I still get a payment from Google for my blogs, but this is not as often. I appreciated having YouTube income to help meet my payment thresholds for Google more often. I will now take longer since the YouTube program has tightened its eligibility to people with less than a thousand subscribers.

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