Friday Night Livestream

Lately, I have been livestreaming with Aya Katz, who shares many her thoughts about liberty that are often portrayed by the characters in her books. People love to debate and feel correct about everything these days, but I actually am beginning to value the idea of freedom and letting people live their lives. As long as no one is harming others, I want to live in a world with peaceful dialogue and not sparring over ideological stances.

Although I am distancing myself a bit from politics these days, I do enjoy hearing Aya Katz viewpoints. It seems the more liberty-minded are willing to take the time talk with others on livestreams, but there are many people just debating on social media who will not even make the time out to do this. Maybe if we all just sat down face to face, even if it was on a livestream and actually listened to each other then people could get along more and respect each other’s viewpoints.

I remember when I first met Aya Katz on Hubpages all I could think about was how the Democratic party was right about everything, and I would not even listen to what she was saying. I am glad I have evolved past this, and many people these days are saying the same thing. I really do not want to talk about politics all the time because that is not what this blog is about, but I do want to share that real empathy can start when we stop feeling someone has to mirror our worldviews on everything. We can still find people who agree with us on things, but the world is actually more intriguing when we have the freedom to follow our own paths, so to speak.