Desperate Daters Gone Wild!

The other day I was going for a walk a the saleman at a car dealership came racing after me. He asked me if I wanted to buy a car and gave me his card, but I informed him I did not drive. Well you think he would have left me alone after that, but he continued to ask why I never waived hi when I walked by, and why I never came over to say hi. I told him I would not want to hang out with strangers at a car dealership, and before I could run across the street with the light change he begged me to call him. I threw his card away because I am sure he plays this game with many women who come to the dealership, and I am sure many of them are younger than me. Sorry, but I do not want to deal with a player and I could spot this one running after me LOL.

Dating Is For The Birds!

Men lie about wanting to see you again, but I am sure women do the same thing to men. However, I never lied to someone if I did not want to see them again. There was a guy a few weeks ago that kept begging me to see him. Finally gets a chance to see me, then he tells me how he wants to go on a picnic. He never called me back and played a game with me to be sure. I should have went with my prior intuition on not have even met this person. Oh well, to be honest I think dating is for the birds.