The Beauty of Canadian Geese

The other day I spotted two adorable Canadian geese, so I decided to take their picture. There is something very inspiring about these birds, which live in a suburban area of Southern California, which shows that mother nature and the cities are more mixed than people think. Birds still fly into urban areas with trees looking for shelter and food, and plants begin to grow in fields where buildings have been demolished. The urbane and wild forces are not as detached as people think, and there is a problem when we do not get enough rain in California.

Soon this drought is going to impact people at the grocery store with the rise in prices, but it seems like some do not realize this. Or maybe they just are so independently wealthy that farmers losing money because they do not have enough water for crops, and people not being able to afford the rise in grocery prices does not bother them. Things like this have always been on my mind, so I really wish this drought in California would come to an end soon

The Canadian Geese

Two Canadian Geese