Experiment With Updating My Blog And Posting To My Facebook Page

I have several Facebook pages, but now I am interested in a new experiment. Perhaps I will start updating this blog more often, which automatically feeds into my Facebook fan page for it. In the past, I always enjoyed sharing my blog posts on my main Facebook page, but very few people click through and read these. So perhaps a more conducive use of my time for my blog would be to simply update it more often, and see how many people are actually interested in reading what I have to say.

Things That Ring My Bells In 2015

I am going on a Polyanna vibe in this post, and listing some of the things that ring my bells in 2015. I always admired the Polyanna character, by the way, and think being that way is quite cool. I mean it takes a positive and forward thinking person like that to do good in her community by paying it forward with random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, so I think now is the time to think more like Polyanna. I did a couple of blog posts about things that irk me a bit, so here are a few things that ring my bells. Being a Polyanna is not just about random acts of kindness towards others, it is also about indulging in and sharing things you enjoy.

Palm trees at sunset are just one of the things that rings my bells in 2015.
Palm trees at sunset are just one of the things that rings my bells in 2015.

1. Taking pictures and posting these.
2. Liking and sharing blog posts of friends on social media.
3. Making a nice compliment to a stranger if she is wearing a cute outfit.
4. Looking at palm trees with the mountains as a backdrop.
5. Looking at the silhouette of palm trees and mountains at sunset.
6. Actually finishing an art project.

I want 2015 to be more about the things that ring my bell. It is amazing to just start blogging about the things you love, and these free form posts are quite invigorating. I need more of that Polyanna vibe, and that is what I am craving for the rest of today.

Why I Need To Stop Second Guessing Myself

There are many memes people post to Facebook that have emotionally and politically charged rhetoric has  made me realize I need to stop second guessing myself.  I tend to be very reserved in daily interaction, and even when it comes to discussing political opinions online I do not do that like I once did.

I often feel like I am second guessing myself when I post something, but others do not.  They freely share opinions and memes, but I am always rethinking what I say and write.  I guess I need to stop doing that since others do not second guess themselves.  For better or worse I have certain opinions, and sometimes I will write about those online.