Creating Wavy Hair With A Braid

Today I created wavy hair by simply wearing it in a braid for a few hours after washing it, and then taking it out. This is the simplest and most stress-free way to create wavy tresses.

Wavy hair created by braiding it after washing.

In the slideshow below is imagery of what the wavy hair looked like after it was taken out of the braid.

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The Bubble Braid

Today I decided to try making my own version of the bubble braid. This is a front view of the braid.

This braid is not an actual braid, but elastic hair bands are used to create “bubbles” in the hair where the individual pumps of the plaits usually would be. The bubbles can be more accentuated, but I just decided to make this style quickly and for fun. I used multicolored hair ties to make the braid pop in my dark hair.

The backside of the bubble braid.


The bubble braid is almost as long as my arm.

The video illustrates how I create my own version of the bubble braid with a simple low ponytail. I like creating long hair videos illustrating how I do it, and I simply use coconut oil for smoothing and styling my hair.


A slideshow of the other photographs I took of the bubble braid.

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How To Get Long Wavy Hair

The first step to getting long wavy hair is to grow your hair long, but if your tresses are already near waist length, then this idea might work for you. Rather than using a heat tool to create waves, I simply braid my hair after getting out of the shower and then keep it in all day and night. The next morning I take out the braid, apply a bit of Yves Rocher Monoi oil, and then brush out my hair. This is my favorite low maintenance way to achieve waves in my flowing tresses.

Creating a long wavy hair style by wearing my hair in a braid for twenty-four hours.

So if you have never worn your hair in a braid overnight, why not try it out to see how this works.

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The video illustrates how to create a long wavy hairdo with a braid.