Long Wavy Hair And The Sparkly Black Skirt


The other day I decided to wear my sparkly black skirt that I purchased recently at Target with a white lace top I have had for a few years. This white lace top goes well with so many pieces in my wardrobe, and I need to find another similar one before I wear this one out. I created this wavy hair look by taking out my long braid after having it in for several hours.

The back view of long wavy hair and the black sparkly skirt.

Here is a slideshow of the photographs the sparkly skirt.

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This is a video showing my long hair with the sparkly skirt.


The Christmas Ribbon Braid

Christmas theme fashion can be quite affordable if you are on a budget, or just do not see the point of purchasing expensive accessories for only one season. Today I decided to create a Christmas ribbon braid with some ribbons I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

The Christmas ribbon braid is a bit on the fun side, but this can be made more subdued as well.


I created this Christmas ribbon braid by braiding three sections of hair and then making one larger braid.

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The video shows the creation of the Christmas tree braid from start to finish.


Applying Henna To Dark Brown Long Hair

Usually I apply both henna and indigo to my long dark brown hair because I was always afraid that henna alone would make my hair appear too red, but this time I put just the latter on my tresses. In the sunlight my hair does have brilliant crimson highlights, but the appearance in regular light is far more subtle.

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Watch the video to see how I applied the henna to my hair. I only used USDA organic henna, which is called Lawsonia inermis (henna) leaf powder. This henna has nothing added to it, which can compromise the quality. Usually I also add Indigofera tinctoria (indigo powder), but this time around I thought my hair did not look much lighter doing only the henna application. To mix my henna I add eight ounces of hot water and a fourth cup of coconut oil, and stir up the mixture until it is smooth. I let it sit for four hours, and then apply the henna to my hair, cover it with several plastic shower caps I pick up at the dollar store, and allow this sit on my hair for four more hours.

At the end, I rinse out my hair with a natural coconut conditioner, and do not wash my hair for a couple of days to allow the henna color to develop on my tresses. Actually, I am trying more co-washes these days (washing hair with only conditioner), and just washing my hair with shampoo once a week. I noticed my hair has felt softer since I started doing this. Some people just do water rinses and use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to rinse their hair a couple of times a week instead of using shampoo and conditioner, but I just find using more natural shampoos and conditioner, and using the shampoo less frequently works for me. Also, henna is a natural conditioner, and makes your hair appear thicker after application.