I Dread Returning Things To The Store

I dread returning things to the store and sometimes will just put up with a malfunctioning product, and just make a different purchase next time. Sometimes, I hear people return things I would never have thought of. For instance, I mentioned to someone I hated the flavor of the toothpaste I purchased, and they mentioned I should just return it. Maybe I am a sucker, but I do not see the point of returning a product just because it does not taste the best. This was a natural toothpaste, so I was not surprised it had a stronger flavor. Also, I would dread standing in a return line just to take back a tube of toothpaste that was not my favorite. I will use it up because it still gets my teeth clean, and next time I might just purchase this brand. If something is not completely malfunctioning, I do not see the point of going to the store to return it. I know some people who take back every product that does not work for them, so I guess I am the opposite.

Stop Having Crushes On The Wrong Men

This seems to be the story of my life: I always seem to have crushes on the wrong men. I get excited about the man that does not like me back, and why do I do that? Perhaps I should be more enticed by the overly attentive guy who asks for my number when I am shopping, but that really does not do it for me. I am always intrigued by men who say things that excite me, and then I end up having a crush on the fellows who do not like me in that way. It is not good for me, and it needs to end. But like my friend said, maybe I just like things that do not work out. I do not think this is the case, but as someone who just does not like the dating scene, I think I will probably be single for the rest of my life at this point. I want to meet a quality person, but I am not interested in putting myself out there. I yearn for companionship with a man who likes me back, and to whom I am also attracted. Perhaps it will happen again, or perhaps I should just take more of an interest in those who do ask me out. Oh well, I will just work on my blog and forget about it.

Some People Will Not Get What You Blog About, Or Will Not Understand

One thing I have learned over the years is some people will not get or understand what I blog about, but over the last few weeks I have become stronger at standing by my observations. I used to feel cowered or sort of apprehensive about posting certain things, especially when people responded in a way that made me feel awkward. One thing I have noticed in life is people can say virtually anything they want and I am supposed to take it with grace and understanding, but sometimes when I write certain things people do not like, well I nearly get scolded for it. Really I just do not care anymore, so now I am happy to contemplate about how I think being hippy is amazing, and how being single is the icing on the cake. Yes I admit to being annoyed a few times when married women gush about how their husbands do this and that, but like they are never annoyed when us single ladies brag about having all the free time in the world they will never have until their kids are eighteen? I am sure everyone gets annoyed with something someone says, but lately I have just been very adamant about standing behind the words on my blog in a very unflinching way. Writing about my observations in the way I do is always contemplative for me, and this blog is always a fun way to warm up to writing. If you do not get my meaning on a certain posts, oh well, these are my words, and only I comprehend my full meaning.