Should I Delete My Picture If I Do Not Get 500 Likes On Instagram?

On no, I better delete this photo on Instagram right away because it only has twelve likes in twelve hours!

So should you delete a photo if it does not get enough “likes” on Instagram. I do not think so, but I read some people actually delete pictures that do not meet a certain threshold of thumbs up. Actually, I appreciate when people like photos I post there, but surprisingly some of the photos I like the most are the ones with the least amount of responses. I am trying to post less often to Instagram because I know that people get super annoyed if they get too many status updates from your feed, but I still will post pictures I like. I am trying to post at least daily, but sometimes I go a couple of days without logging in.

Sure everyone wants more likes and followers on social media, but I actually created several of my Instagram accounts with hopes people would click through and read my blogs. So what I care about the most are those who are intrigued enough to click the link in my bio and read more. So I am sure that more likes are something we all crave, but I cannot simply go after these by posting things I am not interested in.

Interestingly, I now have a YouTube and blog that are a bit more secret side, in that I do not promote these on my main channels, and these actually have ended up being quite popular. Both are about niche topics, but the fact that people love the content on these without me having to even promote is quite interesting. I did make an Instagram for the YouTube account, but I have not even put much time into it yet.

Today I Was Discussed On A Russian Forum

Today I learned I was discussed on a Russian forum that talks about going barefoot, which just goes to show the power of the Internet. I had to use Google translate to figure out what they were talking about, but it is amazing that the things we post and write can have meaning to people far and wide. People who enjoy writing and blogging often post their musings, and this is definitely something I enjoy doing. Oh yes, and tweeting quite a bit as well!

New Technology vs. Old Technology

People who did not grow up in the computer age are sometimes taken aback, or not as excited about using the new social technologies as those of us who have grown into these. I did not grow up using a computer, and I typed all of my high school papers on a manually type writer. I remember telling someone once I would never need to use a computer on a daily basis, and she told me never to be closed off the positive aspects of new technologies. This was very sage advice as I have learned there are positive aspects to all the new technologies.

At the age of eighteen I used the Internet for the first time, and I discovered it can be a very effective tool. In today’s world of Facebook I believe it has many positive aspects, but it depends on how you use it. Use common sense and do not post private information on this platform that you would not want the world to see. Some people say Facebook is just not as nice as real world communication, but I actually think Facebook can be a great tool for keeping in contacts that live so far away you may never see them, or for meeting new friends around the world. So I say the new technologies are what you make of these, but I choose to focus on the positive aspects of the new social media. Yes I had some weird experiences posting on political message boards and such, but I have just learned to distance myself from the aspects of technology I do not like.