The Blueberry Banana Coconut Milk And Chocolate Smoothie


I made a blueberry banana coconut milk and chocolate smoothie two weeks ago, so I am finally sharing it here.

I pureed together bananas, some frozen blueberries, coconut milk, organic chocolate powder, and some peanut butter to make this smoothie. I loved the bubbles the blender creates in this smoothie.
The purple-hued smoothie looks vibrant next to my October cursive drawing I created with an orange oil pastel background.

What Happens If You Microwave A Beast Burger?


The Beast Burger is a vegan burger made by the company Beyond Meat, and on the packaging states that pan frying or grilling is the most desirable method for cooking. Unfortunately, I was using the stove top to dry some pans on a towel, and I was excited to try the beast burger right then. Since it does not have meat in it I know it would cook just fine in the microwave, although I knew going in that it would not be crispy like when it is fried on the grill. So as an experiment I put the Beast Burger in the microwave for three minutes and came back to see the results.

A large amount of plant-based fat came out of the Beast Burger.

The burger tasted okay, but was a little pricey since I purchased the package of two for almost six dollars at Sprouts.