Organic Zucchinis

Organic zucchinis from my mom’s garden are always a treat in the late summer.

The organic zebra zucchinis and the organic black beauty zucchinis lined up by size.
Two large zebra zucchinis, and two smaller black beauty zucchinis.

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The zucchinis are perfect to slice up and dip in hummus, but I love admiring the beauty of these summer gourds.

Making Beyond Meat Vegan Pasta

I added tomato sauce, onions, Beyond Meat crumbles, and some slices of red and yellow sweet bell peppers to this vegan pasta.

I made vegan pasta with elbow macaroni and the Beyond Meat crumbles.

Today I am making vegan pasta with Beyond crumbles and onions in the sauce.

I was not sponsored to write this blog post, I simply enjoy Beyond Meat as a vegan option for those who crave something a bit more “meaty”. Since I never really ate ground beef, the first few times I had this I had to get used to the texture and flavor. It has grown on me a bit, but since the crumbles are very oily, I do not add any extra oil when I sauteed the onions with the faux meat.

I did not use any oil to fry this vegan crumbles and onions because these are quite oily, to begin with.
I added the sauce to the pasta after cooking, so it would not splatter up with the heat.

I used elbow macaroni as the pasta for this dish. Small noodles are some of my favorite.