Making A Vegan Taco Salad With Beyond Meat Beef Crumble Feisty

I absolutely love vegan taco salad, and here is a simple one I made with romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and Beyond Meat beef crumbles. It was filling and delicious.

I made a vegan taco salad with faux ground beef.
I sauteed Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Crumble Feisty with onions in a tiny bit of olive oil. I added oregano and chili pepper flakes to give the plant-based beef crumbles more flavor.
I created this homemade guacamole by smashing up two avocados with half the juice of a lime and drizzling in chili pepper sauce for the spicy element.
I chopped up some romaine lettuce and tomatoes, and I put the Beyond Beef crumbles on top of the salad.

In the video watch me make the plant-based taco salad from start to finish.

If you cannot find Beyond Meat beef free crumbles at a store near you, these are available over on Amazon.

Vegan Pasta Dinner With Beyond Meat Beefless Crumbles

This vegan pasta dish has Beyond Meat beef crumbles, cilantro, onions, and organic chunky tomato sauce. Chili pepper flakes are sprinkled on top to give the noodles a bit of spice.

I made the chunky and flavorful sauce for this pasta by chopping up an onion and a batch of cilantro, which I added to a baking dish. The Beyond Meat beef crumbles and pasta sauce was poured over these ingredients, which I stirred together and baked at four-hundred degree Fahrenheit for about a half hour.

I baked the chopped cilantro, onions, Beyond Meat beef-free crumbles, and organic pasta sauce for about a half hour.
I boiled the organic pasta noodles and drained these.

The pasta I used for this dish was purchased in a pack of four from Costco and is the La Pasta Di Gragnano brand. This organic pasta has a great flavor and I would definitely purchase it again. Al dente texture can easily be achieved with this type of pasta, but I actually prefer my noodles on the soggy side.

After my pasta sauce finished baking, I scooped a generous portion on top of my bowl of noodles and sprinkled chili pepper flakes on top.

The Beyond Meat beef free crumbles gave the pasta a “meaty” flavor.

The video illustrates how I created this hardy plant-based pasta dish.

If you would like to try Beyond Meat but it is not yet available in your area, it is available over on Amazon.




Trying Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

Growing up I always heard about hot pockets, but I honestly never tried these. I used to eat pepperoni pizza, but now that I am vegan I seek out other alternatives. Sometimes you get a craving for plant-based junk food, and the Gardein pizza pockets hit the spot.

Gardein vegan pepperoni pizza pocket.

The pizza pockets had realistic tasting pepperoni and cheese, but maybe I just think that because I have not had either of these in a few years.

The pizza pockets were light and fluffy with a slightly sweet taste.

These pizza pockets were $4.99 for a pack of four at Walmart, so these would only be a treat that I eat occasionally.