Trying Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

Growing up I always heard about hot pockets, but I honestly never tried these. I used to eat pepperoni pizza, but now that I am vegan I seek out other alternatives. Sometimes you get a craving for plant-based junk food, and the Gardein pizza pockets hit the spot.

Gardein vegan pepperoni pizza pocket.

The pizza pockets had realistic tasting pepperoni and cheese, but maybe I just think that because I have not had either of these in a few years.

The pizza pockets were light and fluffy with a slightly sweet taste.

These pizza pockets were $4.99 for a pack of four at Walmart, so these would only be a treat that I eat occasionally.



Vegan Tricolor Pasta With Gardein Beefless Ground

Today I made vegan tricolor pasta with Gardein beefless grounds.

Today I made a lovely bowl of vegan tricolor pasta with Gardein beefless ground in the sauce.
First I chopped up the onions.
I sauteed the Gardein beefless ground with the chopped onion and a can of vegan tomato sauce.
Boiling the noodles for the pasta.

The finished pasta was topped the Gardein sauce.