Braiding Long Hair

I like to create a simple braided hairstyle many days of the week.

I felt like after yesterday I might not do any more long hair videos for awhile, but I just decided I wanted to do more of the kinds I like. In today’s video, I demonstrate how I create a simple ponytail braid. I have been washing my hair only two or three times a week, and I find that ponytails hold better the second day after washing. I am also interested some of the talk around the web about how some people only wash their hair with conditioner, which I might try, but I think I will still always want to use shampoo. Pro-conditioner people swear their hair is far more manageable only washing with this toiletries.

Here is a slideshow illustrating the completed braid. This day I wore a black sweater and a pencil skirt along with the plait.

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