Making Beyond Meat Vegan Pasta

I added tomato sauce, onions, Beyond Meat crumbles, and some slices of red and yellow sweet bell peppers to this vegan pasta.

I made vegan pasta with elbow macaroni and the Beyond Meat crumbles.

Today I am making vegan pasta with Beyond crumbles and onions in the sauce.

I was not sponsored to write this blog post, I simply enjoy Beyond Meat as a vegan option for those who crave something a bit more “meaty”. Since I never really ate ground beef, the first few times I had this I had to get used to the texture and flavor. It has grown on me a bit, but since the crumbles are very oily, I do not add any extra oil when I sauteed the onions with the faux meat.

I did not use any oil to fry this vegan crumbles and onions because these are quite oily, to begin with.
I added the sauce to the pasta after cooking, so it would not splatter up with the heat.

I used elbow macaroni as the pasta for this dish. Small noodles are some of my favorite.



How To Get Long Wavy Hair

The first step to getting long wavy hair is to grow your hair long, but if your tresses are already near waist length, then this idea might work for you. Rather than using a heat tool to create waves, I simply braid my hair after getting out of the shower and then keep it in all day and night. The next morning I take out the braid, apply a bit of Yves Rocher Monoi oil, and then brush out my hair. This is my favorite low maintenance way to achieve waves in my flowing tresses.

Creating a long wavy hair style by wearing my hair in a braid for twenty-four hours.

So if you have never worn your hair in a braid overnight, why not try it out to see how this works.

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The video illustrates how to create a long wavy hairdo with a braid.

Making A Braided Headband With My Own Hair

The braided headband is a simple look for holding the hair back, so I decided to try it again. This time I braided a small section of hair from behind my left ear and then wrapped it around my head like a headband. Since my hair is quite long it wrapped around the entire circumference of my head.

The braided headband created with a strand of my own hair.
The braided headband look and smelling a pink hollyhock.

The braided headband is a simple look for summer that reminds me of days spent enjoying flowers in the garden.

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In the video below I demonstrate how I created a braided headband from start to finish.