Tales of The South Pacific Inspired Outfit

I have been thinking about literature regarding World War II in the Pacific as of late working on the family tree and thinking about my grandpa serving in the there, so I decided to showcase this Tales of the South Pacific inspired ensemble. My favorite James Michener novel happens to be this one filled with short stories that hold a great amount of truth, even to this day. These stories were not all about war, but also what happens to people when they fall in love with the wrong person, and the loneliness of being from isolated from family and friends. Or what if you have family members that are jealous when you find true love.

It was not intentional to post a dress with this theme, but after I purchased the dress on discount from Target, my friend mentioned it looked like a World War II era dress. I think the sleeves and top half of the dress certainly do, but it is a little short in the back. I am going to wear it with shorts underneath for this reason, but with the hat, this look all seemed to come together.

My campy Tales To The South Pacific “salute the troops” pose.

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I used a tripod to take photos of myself wearing the 1940s inspired dress with the sunhat, which is a new favorite piece.


Making Vegan Supreme Pizza

A slice of delicious homemade meaty vegan pizza.

In this post, I will show you how I made this meaty vegan pizza. If you are wondering, the pizza has Gardein on top, not ground beef.

The first step for making the deep dish vegan pizza was to create a homemade dough from scratch.

To make this pizza dough I first microwaved exactly one cup of water for a minute, and then I put a teaspoon of baking yeast in it. I allow the yeast to sit in the water for about ten minutes, and then I poured it into a bowl. Next, I added two cups of King Arthur baking flour, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar,  a clove of crushed garlic, a sprinkling of chili pepper flakes, and a tablespoon of olive oil to the bowl. I combined all the ingredients thoroughly and then kneaded the dough for about ten minutes. After this I allowed the dough to rest in a covered bowl for about an hour so it could double in size.

I lightly floured the counter to roll out the pizza dough.
I spread the tomato sauce on the rolled out the crust, and added some hot sauce for a spicy kick. Then I sprinkled on the Daiya dairy free cheese.

Dairy free cheese such as Daiya is a pizza topping alternative for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant.

I let the Gardein beefless ground to thaw out before putting it on the pizza.
After the Gradein beefless ground had thawed out, and broke up the crumbles and sprinkled these on the pizza. On top of the Gardein, I added chopped onions and green bell peppers.

I baked the pizza for about twenty minutes at four hundred and fifty degrees.

The vegan pizza came out of the oven slightly golden brown around the crust. The Daiya cheese does melt, but it is not the exact consistency of regular cheese. I was never a super fan of cheese anyway, so even the texture of this Daiya cheese kind of creeped me out a bit since I had not eaten the real thing for several years.



Making Vegan Pasta With Beyond Meat Crumbles

Look at this meaty bowl of pasta.

What if I told you there was no meat in this pasta? Yep, it has Beyond Meat beef crumbles, and is the ingredient I used in this delectable pasta dish. It is so much cheaper to make Italian-inspired dishes at home than going out, and a vegan dish even with faux meat can be under seven dollars for all the ingredients required. This is a simple meal idea for people who want to eat less meat, or who are vegetarian or vegan. Also, how hard is it to boil noodles or sautee some veggies needed to make the dish? For me, cooking is therapeutic, cheaper, tastier, and just fresher than any meal you can eat while dining out.

The dish starts with the Gardein beefless ground. This stuff is tasty on a pasta dish, but a little on the rich side to me since it does have a truly meaty flavor.
For this dish I chopped up the white onion, but you can use whatever type of onions available in the fridge.
I sauteed the faux beef crumbles with tomatoes, dried oregano, and the chopped onions.
I boiled the bowtie noodles in conjunction with simmering the vegan meat topping.

This entire dish took less than thirty minutes to make, and I topped my bowtie noodles with the Gardein crumbles. So you can make an affordable and tasty pasta dish at home in the time it takes to be seated at the Olive Garden and served food.