Create Palm Tree Art

A small palm tree.

Create framed palm tree art for your home by taking pictures of palm trees on a walk. People who live in Southern California can do these easily, and these are the only items needed for this project:

*a digital camera
*photo paper
* a colored printer
* a picture frame
* a wall hanger for the picture frame

Framed palm tree photograph.

The picture frame used for this project was purchased for two dollars at the second-hand store, but a new frame of this quality would cost around ten or so dollars at a regular store. So when creating art for your home, just keep in mind this can be budget friendly when creativity and a digital camera are involved. The photographs below give an explanation about how a favorite composition was selected for the framed palm tree print.

This small fan palm tree is adorable and would make a wonderful photograph to print out. The small palm trees have an ornamental look, and often these are cuter than large palms.

Focusing On Things That Are Not So Newsworthy

I spend five minutes reading the news per day, but that is it. The news like many shows is based on grabbing our attention on one fleeting subject, and even though we have to be aware of what is going on in the world, I think we can do that by always commenting on it. Lately, I read some of the news and just contemplate about it. Then I go on about my day, and really want to focus more on my blog and art projects. I want to create a space where people can feel like they relax and perhaps learn something. I do not apologize for dropping out of the news cycle, and it is the thing that has made me the happiest. The same is true with television shows, there are just not any I feel like sitting down and watching right now.

Creating Wavy Hair With A Braid

Today I created wavy hair by simply wearing it in a braid for a few hours after washing it, and then taking it out. This is the simplest and most stress-free way to create wavy tresses.

Wavy hair created by braiding it after washing.

In the slideshow below is imagery of what the wavy hair looked like after it was taken out of the braid.

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